Mobile App Development

We build both native apps (targeted to specific devices such as an iPhone) as well as cross platform app (Apple, Android, Windows and others), depending on the type of functionality to be provided and the user base. Catch Business Solutions has been involved in the design and creation of numerous mobile apps for our clients, with objectives ranging from sales through online stores, resource distribution, and line of business apps taking in the field data back to operational systems.

When thinking about how and why to build a mobile application and begin development it is important to think about how you plan to proceed.  Our team will be happy to be engaged in a brainstorm session to define the following sections:

  • Define Success: Is success x number of downloads or x amount of money or x active users.
  • What is our budget? The average cost of an application can range from $3,000 to over a Million Dollars so it is important to define our budget.
  • What Platforms are we going to be on? It is important to decide where our market is, what the best way to reach them is, and what gives us the biggest opportunity.
  • What are our features? Apps are not websites, so we need to create good features that people want to use and have a good user interface.
  • What are we going to do once it is published? Make sure you have a game plan of how you are going to market and push your mobile application.
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